Zip Repair
3 Jan2018

Easily malfunctioned, rough treatment can cause enduring harm We often take zips for granted and when a zipper gets useless for good then we blame the company for it. In actual our own mishandling causes them to lose life and even the most expensive one made from an excellent quality material can be ruined. Never […]

Repairing Of Buttons
18 Dec2017

New buttonhole and button replacement services by dry cleaners Sometimes you purchase a thing and then you realize after use that it is not what you wanted it to be like. What should be done then? Give away the dress and purchase a new one? A big no to that, as it will be an […]

Vest Sizing and Alteration
9 Oct2017

No worry if your apparels require alterations and repairs, dry cleaners are always there for this job You buy an expensive suit and at the last time when you have taken it home and try it, a big shock occurs. The jacket does not fit as it should be. First of all, buying an expensive […]

Shoe Repairs
31 May2017

You don’t have to loose your favorite pair of shoes for minor problems Imagine your life without shoes, how will you feel like walking on the road barefooted? Clothes and footwear are the most necessary objects without which you cannot go outside the house. It means that these two things are the most important that […]

Proper Fitted Suit
22 Apr2017

Always go for dress alteration if you feel bagginess or stiffness in the dress fitting   It is very important to wear a dress that should always be comfortable. And if there is any problem in its wearing, there must be a fitting reason behind it. It is true that the clothes send a message […]

Jacket & Coat Alteration
24 Jan2017

Different Steps of Jackets Alterations to make your looks attractive   Leather jackets and coats are evergreen and they do last for a long time. But the main thing is, does it fit to your size as the time goes by? Well, if not, it’s not a big deal. If you have got a leather […]