How Dry Cleaners become a Part of your life?
Dry Cleaning Offer
8 Aug2017

A trustworthy dry cleaner can offer you many services to ease of your burden

We often think that dry cleaners are only for having your clothes cleaned either by dry method or wet laundry cleaning. But this is not true in the modern age. Everything has advanced and so are the professions that are growing these days and are diversifying and going ahead. Dry cleaning has encompassed many areas in it and it now offers many services that are not only related to clothing; carpets, curtains, furniture and any business services all are included.

Coat Dry Cleaning

Coat Dry Cleaning

This has become a proper business and with skilled workers this profession has become a part of many students, housewives and working people. For any problem related to their clothes or soft items, people now rely on their dry cleaners for fixing their problems.

Minor and Major Repairs:

Dry cleaners now offer Cloth repairing services, minor or major and people do not have to find a tailor to solve their problems. Usually a lot of time is wasted in finding a tailor or give the outfit or any other house related item for services. The service which dry cleaners offer is swift and perfect. They work on given lines and must return the cloth on given date and time. These professionals do the fixing prior the cleaning process to not expose the item to more harm that can occur during the process.

Coat and Jacket Alterations

Coat and Jacket Alterations


Another very handy service is the Cloth Alterations and Repairs option which well-established dry cleaners offer. Not only old purchases but new ones also need some fixing and dry cleaners have skilled tailors for this job. These tailors are trained to do the job in the given time. And when the time is too short, they do the stitching on temporary basis and ask the customer to return the outfit or any other house item for a permanent fix. Many customers do not take it seriously and it becomes indispensable to take the item back after some time for alteration again.


After many uses, many things in the wardrobe or related to fabric need to be restored as they get old their inner linings or edges get torn and they should be replaced for a fresher look and it is less expensive then purchasing a new item. Also, some things become closer to heart and you do not want to lose them, for this purpose restoration service is availed. Not only for clothes but hand bags, shoes and flood or war effected items are also restored in a dry cleaner’s shop.

Hand Bag Restoraton

Hand Bag Restoraton


It is another important service which the service providers offer. After cleaning, stain removing, odor removing and rechecking the dry cleaners return the item. But many customers want some preservation tip to have the outfit or an extra pair of curtains or cushion covers etc. to look fresh as they originally were. For this, the dry cleaner either give many useful advices for preserving or they put the dry-cleaned article in a special box which keeps the occupying thing safe from environmental and bacteria damage. It is very useful in case of wedding dresses and seasonal outfits.

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