Dry Cleaning
16 Jan2018

  Dirt from Dry Cleaning process Dry cleaning is an art and the chemical used during this process of cleaning the clothes are very vulnerable to human health and the environment but if not controlled properly and handled with care, they are equally bad and harmful for the clothes as well. One of the best […]

Repairing Of Buttons
18 Dec2017

New buttonhole and button replacement services by dry cleaners Sometimes you purchase a thing and then you realize after use that it is not what you wanted it to be like. What should be done then? Give away the dress and purchase a new one? A big no to that, as it will be an […]

Shoe Repairs
31 May2017

You don’t have to loose your favorite pair of shoes for minor problems Imagine your life without shoes, how will you feel like walking on the road barefooted? Clothes and footwear are the most necessary objects without which you cannot go outside the house. It means that these two things are the most important that […]

16 May2017

Dry cleaning is the only choice for your leather outfit Leather is a material that needs special care other wise it will not be a part of your wardrobe for long. Such outfits not only need special care while washing, but also when you wear them. The need for washing it again and again can […]