Dry Cleaning
16 Jan2018

  Dirt from Dry Cleaning process Dry cleaning is an art and the chemical used during this process of cleaning the clothes are very vulnerable to human health and the environment but if not controlled properly and handled with care, they are equally bad and harmful for the clothes as well. One of the best […]

11 Jan2018

It is not easy to wash them at home but it is necessary for your good health Blankets are very useful in winter They need proper care and washing at least after a season. In winter season thick and wooly stuff is very precious one and gives comfort along with protection from harsh winter weather. […]

Shirt Laundry
29 Sep2017

It is a very handy stuff, give it proper care Polyester is a very useful and popular stuff and easy to wash as well Polyester is a chemical product. Man uses it to fulfill the requirement of cloth for the whole world. It is not a natural stuff like cotton. If we say that polyester […]

Hand Washed Stuff
31 Jul2017

Mild detergents and thorough rinsing give good results at the end Washing clothes by hand is a tough job Sometimes there is no access to washing machine and you have to wash your clothes by hand. It is tough job and time taking also. Sometimes you have some clothes that are only hand washed and […]

Types of Dry Cleaning
12 Apr2017

Process of dry cleaning, the best for stain removal and ironing service Dry cleaners are the specialist type of laundry service which is used to clean the clothes that are not suitable for cleaning in washing machine. Normally, there must be a label attached with every clothe you buy having dry clean only or hand […]